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Helping Transform the Practice of Dispute Resolution with Collaborative Divorce

Resolve Divorce and Custody Issues With Confidence

Divorce is one of the toughest things a family can go through, especially when there are children involved. At Cameron Law, I am dedicated to providing families with education about reduced-conflict solutions that can be used as alternatives to traditional litigation. Cameron Law also provides criminal defense and the management of protective orders and stalking injunctions.  

In addition to advocating for clients, Cameron Law provides 2-hour reduced fee Divorce Consultation Sessions for individuals or couples contemplating divorce who seek education about the divorce process and the issues in their case.

Four minute video

About Collaborative Family Law and Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative family law and Collaborative Divorce can reduce the negative impact that divorce, paternity issues, and child custody conflicts can have on children and community relationships. Collaborative family lawyers provide support to the family as a whole by decreasing tensions while the family changes into a new format and structure.

Because there is transparency between both sides, Collaborative cases help temper negative feelings. There is less fighting among the members of the family and the community that supports them while they go through a transition.

Why Turn to Me

Collaborative family law and Collaborative Divorce is a formal, legal, and recognized way to resolve divorce or family law issues. I am a trained professional at Cameron Law in Park City, Utah who helps to reduce conflicts while a family is going through divorce or custody arrangements.

Agreements are made using a transparent process (open sharing of information between both sides). This process removes the option of going to court and having a judge decide on how your family will move forward.

I am trained as a collaborative professional and can help families move through difficult transitions with reduced conflict and hostility. I put the needs of the families and children first.

For more than 10 years, I have seen divorce and how it impacts families and communities every day. I believe that collaborative family law can be the answer for many families. Children of divorce suffer more than anyone realizes, and traditional divorce does nothing to protect them from trauma. Collaborative family law is focused on saving children from the conflict that is between their parents.

This 5-minute video shows what divorce is like for many children and why I am such advocates for collaborative resolutions. Please take 5 minutes to watch it if you are contemplating divorce.

Tears de Breuklijn

Learn more about Collaborative Family Law and Collaborative Divorce by watching this video from the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals:

The IACP Knowledge Kit is a great quick reference

Why Choose Collaborative Divorce?

With Collaborative Divorce, you can:

  • Avoid long, difficult, and often expensive court battles
  • Focus on problem-solving and finding respectful resolutions
  • Create personal, cost-effective solutions that are right for your family
  • Prioritize the well-being and needs of your children

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Learn More

Single Sitting Divorce Consultation

Cameron Law now provides a comprehensive 2-hour Single Session Divorce Consultation for individuals or couples contemplating divorce, separation, or child custody issues.

A Divorce Consultation Session includes discussion and education on the following topics:

• Child Custody, Parent Time, and Child Support

• Financial posture and potential resolutions

• Alimony and Child Support education and preview

• Division of assets, including real property, automobiles and vehicles, furnishings, and other personal property

• Divorce Options including traditional litigation (Court), mediation, and Collaborative Law

• Help with the Online Court Assistance Forms

• Divorce Forms and Worksheets

• Referrals for Divorce Professionals including attorneys, financial advisors, therapists, and child specialists.

Consultation Sessions are 2 hours for $500.

Document drafting for stipulated divorces $295/hr. (average time to draft documents when terms of agreement provided is 4 hours)

Follow up Consultation Sessions available.